About Varada Shrine

Varada Shrine, as a blog, is a platform for Ser Ming to pen down his thoughts and reflections primarily on Mahayana Teachings and other Buddhist teachings applying to modern day living and issues.

As a spiritual sanctuary, Varada Shrine is a platform to serve and aid people in a more energetic and spiritual level.

fb profile photoAbout Ser Ming

Ser Ming had come into contact with Buddhism in 1998. Curiosity led him to participate actively in discussions in then mIRC and SgForum. This drove Ser Ming to read up on the many diverse paths found in Buddhism. Ser Ming came into contact with the Lotus Sutra around 2000. Other than professing the Lotus Sutra as his spiritual refuge, Ser Ming also has experience in the practice of Bhaisajyaguru Tathagatha and Cundi Bodhisattva.

Ser Ming has come not to identify himself as a buddhist these days as what is a buddhist has evolved and changed so much in time that he cannot identify in it. What is more important is one’s comprehension and application of the Mahayana Teachings.

Currently, Ser Ming is a professional Feng Shui Practitioner and Fortune Teller which is why he writes primarily at MingReads. Ser Ming also writes at Hokekyo Jujikai that shares the teachings and spiritual living of the Lotus Sutra and Ming Martial Arts that jots down his thoughts on martial arts in the modern day application.

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