Year 2020, Guardian Gratitude Day and more

Acala 2020Firstly, wishing all readers a peaceful and successful 2020 ahead!

This day had me reflecting on how blessed a year I had in 2019. On hindsight, things could have been worse. I survived and that matters. And to fellow readers who are surviving in your situations, good. Because, you matter as well. It is that we are alive (and generally sane) that we can touch and connect to our spiritual self.

A client recently shared with me that he observed that successful people are spiritual people as well. On hindsight, I do not know whether should I agree with him fully. This is because spiritual can mean different thing to different people. To some, making prayers and doing rites alone means spiritual. To some other, proclaiming certain religious position can mean to be spiritual. And to some other, being spiritual means aligning one’s lifestyle and character to some ideal traits.

I can probably write a separate post on what do I think being spiritual is. But in a snapshot, being spiritual should be developing the sense to understand the causes and manifestation of varying degrees of sufferings and challenges in life.

This year’s Guardian Gratitude Day means a little more to me personally. Perhaps is a milestone day for my to ponder my progression in my spiritual journey alongside with my full time metaphysics consultant work.