Vesak 2018 Reflection

Vesak, a day that commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of the Historical Buddha, Gautama that had graced this Earth. It is not uncommon to find temples all over the world having activities on this day. Some can be ceremonial and ritualistic; but some are surprising to me.

I have observed for the past many years, there are different empowerment and blessing rituals that direct devotions to other worship icons in Buddhism other than the rightful protagonist for the day.  I will not be surprised if people come to me to ask have I done any 3 steps 1 bow or bathing the baby Buddha ritual; the type of things you do on Vesak usually.


Does doing any of these helps one to reflect and ponder more deeply on the Birth, Enlightenment and the Parinibbana of Sakyamuni Buddha?

I used to set up a little bathing the baby Buddha ritual too but I did reflect on the 15 virtues that one should be minded when performing the ritual.

I was sharing with a kalyanamitra that ceremonies and rituals are meant to allow partakers to take in by emphasizing the meaning and depth of it through solemnizing the proceedings.

I find it more purposeful if we remember that the Buddha had taught because He would have wanted us to improve our lives by living a Dharma-inspired and Dharma-driven life. Sure, some blessings and ceremonies may bring some seemingly miraculous results but nothing is more miraculous than impacting and improving our lives with the Dharma.

I urge and look forward to a more reflective and introspective spiritual living for you and I.

Ser Ming
on a blessed Vesak Day 2018