Happy Year of the Goat…!!!


Wishing everyone a very Happy, Successful and Abundant Year of the Goat ahead!

It is coming to a full week-3 living in my new place and I was glad to have done my Shrine Settling Consecration done a few days before the CNY, which is today, despite still going through the tidying up phase at this moment.

I like to thank my wife for her support, understanding and the various aid that she had chipped in over the last few weeks. I had performed a set of liturgy this morning mainly to wish for the longstanding of the Dhamma.

I would also like to thank to my family and friends who gave positive feedback with regards to the layout of my home shrine. I do hope that the aesthetic of my home shrine will allow others to appreciate the image of Lord Buddha better and in time to grow interest and probably even take faith in His very wonderful Dhamma.